Reporter Terminated for Moonlighting as Stripper

Sarah Tressler, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle, is alleging wrongful termination after the newspaper fired her earlier this year, according to Reuters. Tressler, 30, was terminated after it came out that she also worked part time as an exotic dancer. Tressler was writing an anonymous blog titled “Diary of an Angry Stripper.” The Houston Chronicle fired Tressler, claiming she failed to disclose her other employment on her application.

“There was no question on the form that covered my dancing,” claimed Tressler. “I answered the questions on the form honestly.”

Tressler’s attorney, famous Los Angeles celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, claims the termination was “clearly sexually discriminatory.” Allred stated that Tressler’s work as a dancer should not affect her ability to perform her duties as a reporter for a major newspaper.

“Most exotic dancers are female, and therefore to terminate an employee because they had previously been an exotic dancer would have an adverse impact on women, since it is a female dominated occupation,” said Allred.

“I had demonstrated that I was able to do my job as a reporter very well, and I would have been happy to continue to do it had I not been terminated,” Tressler said.

Tressler worked at clubs as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Do you think Tressler had an obligation to disclose the fact that she was a dancer, or has the Houston Chronicle opened itself up for a lawsuit here?

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