Restaurant Employees Awarded $75K Settlement

Tony’s Restaurant in Alton, Illinois will pay out $75,000 settlement to three employees after a sexual harassment lawsuit. The suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission brought the suit on behalf of two female cooks and a teen hostess who were sexually harassed.

The case has shown that the Vice President of Tony’s Restaurant Michael Ventimiglia subjected at least two of the female employees to sexual harassment. Mr. Ventimiglia is no longer with the company and is ineligible to be rehired.

The settlement of $75,000 will be paid to the victims, and the defendants are now required to provide workplace training and put a policy in place to prevent future occurrences. It is important that everyone in every business no matter their age, or sexual orientation, gender, religion or race is to be treated with respect and teenage girls and women who work with men are not to be spoken to verbally, touched or otherwise harassed in the work place.

Sexual harassment is prevalent in places where young women tend to work such as fast food and other restaurants. Workplace training and a zero tolerance policy are necessary to protect employees from any form of harassment or other means of creating a hostile workplace. It is also important that employers realize that sexual harassment victims are not always women or teenagers, everyone who works in a public place is a possible victim and it is imperative that employers keep control of their business and employees.