Rights for Transgender Employees

A transgender woman in Orange County has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Barnes & Noble, saying that her managers refused to let her present herself as a woman at work. Photo of employee handbook

The woman claims that she was fired when she stopped complying with demands over the situation. According to The Advocate, the woman worked at Barnes & Noble for six years and said that when she was transitioning, she let her managers know, but they “barred her from wearing women’s clothing, discussing her transition with coworkers, using female pronouns or using the women’s restroom.”

She claims that at first, she tried to comply with management demands preventing her from wearing female clothing and discussing her transition, but she began to suffer anxiety and panic attacks, leading her to tell managers that she could no longer hide as a woman, resulting in her termination.

The woman claims in her lawsuit that she faced illegal discrimination based on her gender expression and identity, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A representative from Barnes & Noble told The Advocate that she could not comment on the case, but said that the company has a “history of supporting and employing transgender individuals.”

Do Not Tolerate Gender Identity Discrimination at Work

As we noted in this blog post from last fall, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides protections against sexual and gender discrimination in the workplace. These protections often shield transgender individuals from facing prejudice on the job.

Under labor laws, you should not be denied employment opportunities because you do not conform to the expected gender norms or roles of the employer or co-workers. If you have been terminated or faced demotion due to how you dress or express your gender, speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys about taking legal action.

Contact our Los Angeles employment law firm by calling (310) 273-3180. We can investigate your case and determine if you have experienced workplace discrimination and harassment due to your sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

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