Sacramento State Employee Sues University for Sexual Harassment

A Sacramento State employee had sued the university for sexual harassment, claiming the university president’s son harassed him and he faced retaliation from the school after reporting the incidents. The plaintiff worked alongside the president’s son in the Office of University Advancement and claims that Alexander Gonzalez, Jr. touched him without consent and made offensive comments and suggestive actions towards him. The lawsuit alleges that the harassment began in the fall of 2008 and that it continued after the plaintiff confronted Gonzalez and told him he was not interested in a relationship.

The lawsuit also claims that the university retaliated against the plaintiff when he reported the abuse, claiming he was demoted and denied a raise and promotion. The plaintiff is seeking lost wages, medical expenses, mental anguish and physical injury compensation stemming from the harassment. The plaintiff claims he took his complaints to co-workers, superiors and the university’s human resources department, but that no action was taken due to the defendant’s relationship to the university president.

The university, along with Gonzalez Jr., has released a statement on the lawsuit, denying all allegations and claiming that the plaintiff did not properly file his complaints.

Are You Being Sexually Harassed at Work?

Sexual harassment is difficult to prove and is one of the most active problems in the U.S. workplace. Sexual harassment is illegal under the Civil Rights Act, but can often be difficult to prove without hard evidence. However, sexual harassment laws apply to both men and women, even if the harasser and victim are of the same sex. If you are being harassed in the workplace, you have the right to put a stop to it. Our Los Angeles harassment attorneys can help you file a claim or give information on what to do if you encounter harassment at work. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Did You Know: Employers can be held accountable for sexual harassment by supervisors and other employees, even if they did not know it was happening.

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