San Bernardino County Settles Wrongful Termination Lawsuit for $650,000

San Bernardino County has agreed to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit for $650,000, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The plaintiff, former County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer, filed a $15 million lawsuit against the county for terminating him after he cooperated with state prosecutors investigating internal corruption in San Bernardino County.

Under whistleblower protection laws, Uffer is safe from any form of retaliation for his cooperation in the investigation. According to sources, Uffer testified against county officials prior to San Bernardino County’s $120 million legal settlement with Colonies Partners L.P.

“While I believe I would have prevailed if this had gone to court, I appreciate that the county has agreed to a settlement,” said Uffer in a statement. “The mutual offer to mediate and settle this case offered an opportunity to resolve a painful issue for both sides. I hope that everyone involved can move forward and work toward the public good, and I wish the hard-working county employees who I worked with nothing but the best.”

Because he was cooperating with prosecution, the law protects him from any form of retaliation. Uffer also alleged he suffered from various forms of harassment after the investigation.

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