San Bernardino Tragedy Creating Workplace Discrimination Against Muslims

Workplace discrimination is never acceptableThe horrific tragedy in San Bernardino continues to have aftereffects in California and throughout the nation. After two shooters inspired by a foreign terrorist organization killed 14 people and wounded many others, the nation is once again confronting the issue of Islamophobia, a word that describes discrimination against Muslims.

A recent article in the Washington Post shows how even Muslim workers in positions of authority are discriminated against. In the article, Muslim American doctors discussed how peers have made discriminatory comments against their religious beliefs. According to survey data from the article, 14 percent of Muslim doctors claim they have experienced workplace discrimination. The tragedy in San Bernardino has made workplace discrimination worse. Many doctors in the article are “shocked” at the level of support from their peers for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plan to “bar Muslims from entering the U.S.”

In one case mentioned in the article, a California neurologist started a fundraiser for the victims of the San Bernardino shooting. A colleague heard about the fundraiser and told the neurologist “Trump was right and we should get rid of all the Muslims”.

How Can Muslim Workers Protect Themselves from Workplace Discrimination?

Regardless of where we stand politically, workplace discrimination against members of a religion is illegal.

Employees who are facing workplace discrimination for their religious beliefs have options to seek justice. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), religious discrimination occurs when coworkers or employers treat employees unfavorably because of their religious beliefs. For example, Muslim workers facing discrimination may be denied jobs or assignments.

Workers who are facing discrimination for their religious beliefs can file claims with the EEOC or contact an employment law attorney to explore legal options.