San Diego Mayor Asked To Step Down By Party Leaders

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the controversy surrounding the mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Now the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the San Diego mayor is being pressured by members of his own party to resign.

Local Democratic Party leaders held a meeting after Filner’s accusers became public and voted 34-6 to ask for the resignation of the city’s first Democratic mayor in two decades.

“There is no place in the Democratic Party for those who harass, intimidate or do not fully respect women,” City Council President Todd Gloria, a Democrat, said after the vote.

Although Filner had not responded to the vote at the time of this report, he has gone on record as saying he will not resign and that he deserves due process.

In addition to local party leaders, all seven of Filner’s accusers have called for him to resign. Besides a resignation, the only other way to oust a mayor would be a recall election or felony conviction.

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Tip of the week: If you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work, report it to HR or file a complaint with your local labor board.

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