San Juan Unified School District Sued for $17 Million for Harassment

Ten former and current female employees of the San Juan Unified School District have sued the district for $17 million, claiming the superintendent created a hostile workplace and that they were frequently harassed. The lawsuit claims that Superintendent Glynn Thompson had frequent, unprovoked outbursts that were angry and violent. One former employee claims she was threatened with demotion and called a “liar” and “mentally unstable” by Thompson after complaining about his behavior.

Another woman on the lawsuit claims that, while she was a top administrator at San Juan, she was removed from the cabinet, stripped of her responsibilities and threatened with demotion to a custodial position after complaining about Thompson’s harassment. She left the school district in April. A different plaintiff claims she was demoted from a district-wide position at San Juan to elementary school principal by Thompson due to her race, and that Thompson publicly ostracized her and told other administrators she was “done with the district.”

The district has put Thompson on paid leave since May. The San Juan trustees held a closed meeting on December 9 to discuss how to proceed with the lawsuit and are scheduled to have another discussion December 19.

For harassment to be illegal in the workplace, it must be based on some illegal factor, such as race, sexual orientation or other discriminating factors. An experienced harassment attorney can help you determine if your harassment case has viable proof to file a claim.

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Did You Know: Stress leaves due to harassment on the job may result in worker’s comp or disability claims.

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