San Leandro Settlement Far From Being Just Black-And-White

The city of San Leandro had already paid $1 million in court settlements alone and much more in legal fees to resolve lawsuits from six female officers alleging gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Former San Leandro police officer DeWayne Stancill received something in addition to the $314,000 in damages as part of his own separate settlement over racial discrimination claims: an exoneration letter.

The East Bay Express reported on November 2, 2011, that Stancill was named as a defendant along with the city of San Leandro and its police department in the lawsuit filed by the six female officers. However, an investigation revealed that a husband-and-wife team within the force worked together to convince other white female officers to accuse Stancill of sexual harassment. As part of the city’s settlement with four female accusers, the parties emphasized “there were unfortunate misunderstandings that may have led to ill-considered allegations that they now regret, and for which they apologize.”

A source representing the police officers told the Express that an exoneration letter is “virtually unheard of,” but Stancill was allowed to retire honorably from the department along with full medical benefits and a pension. The employment discrimination battle took its toll on Stancill, who fell into a deep depression and lost feeling on the left side of his body. “I wish I could tell you I’m all right,” Stancill told the Express. “But it’s going to be a long recovery for me.”

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