Sandwich Maker Jimmy John’s Accused of Wage Theft

We have been reporting about wage and overtime claims for a while now when it comes to fast food restaurants, as more class action lawsuits seem to be popping up every day, accusing chains of systematically stealing income from employees.earnings statement

Recently, two former employees at Jimmy John’s have accused the sandwich chain of working them off the clock because of unreasonably low payroll budgets. They claim that stores “intentionally and repeatedly misrepresented the true time worked” to keep costs down.

The former workers were allegedly asked to come into work, and sent home at various points of their employment without pay if no work was available. Additionally, in their proposed class action lawsuit, they claimed that they were not given sufficient time to complete closing duties at the end of the day, and that managers clocked them out regardless of whether or not they were continuing to work.

The plaintiffs’ claim that these alleged violations occurred, because the company bases manager bonuses on whether or not they hit targets on labor costs.

Do I Have a Wage Claim?

Remember, there are state and federal laws regarding minimum wage payments and working off the clock. You should never perform activities for an employer if you are not being paid—being asked to do things without payment for a company so that it can save money is not only unethical, it is illegal.

If you believe that your employer is forcing you to perform tasks off the clock, like closing down a restaurant, or it is having you come into work only to send you home when not enough work is available for you to perform, you should contact our labor attorneys, who may be able to investigate your case.

If you have been denied pay, please contact our office for a free consultation. You could be entitled to damages for past due wages. You need to hold your employer accountable for any money it owes you.

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Did You Know? In California, the law requires employers to pay workers at least $9.00 per hour.