Santa Fe Penitentiary Warden Placed on Leave, Pending Sexual Harassment Investigation

According to KRQE, Santa Fe, a Santa Fe state penitentiary warden is accused of sexual harassment. Two workers at the prison claim the warden has sexually harassed them. Lawrence Jaramillo is on paid administrative leave, pending an outcome of an investigation into alleged sexual harassment claims.

KRQE cited two confidential sources who work in the prison, alleging that a handful of women employed at the penitentiary claim the warden has made sexually harassing advanced towards them. Specifically, women claim the warden asked inappropriate questions about their sex lives.

The head of the state Corrections Department, Lupe Martinez, refused to confirm or deny is Jaramillo is on paid leave due to these allegations. Martinez did state that she is taking the allegations seriously and that Jaramillo faced termination depending on the outcome of an investigation.

Another local news agency reports that Jaramillo has been disciplined in the past for emailing something he should not have. According to more confidential sources, the warden emailed racy pictures to 15 state employees while he was serving as a deputy warden. Jaramillo was placed on leave for a few days for those actions. Martinez did not know when an investigation would be completed.