Second Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against American Apparel CEO

According to NBC New York, a second lawsuit has emerged accusing Dov Charney and American Apparel of sexual harassment in the workplace. The second lawsuit comes after Irene Morales filed a lawsuit accusing Charney of harassment and rape.

Kimbra Lo has come forward to make more claims against Charney, alleging he had made unwanted sexual advances during a meeting in his home. Lo visited the CEO’s home to discuss modeling opportunities for the American Apparel company. According to reports, American Apparel has settled previous sexual harassment cases against its CEO, with similar allegations, but all are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Charney’s lawyer has argued that all allegations are attempts to shake down the company. Morales’ lawsuit has been halted by a Brooklyn judge pending a hearing, but Lo took to the media to speak out about her case. Lo reports that she told Charney his advanced were unwanted but that he continued in an aggressive manner. The CEO’s lawyers argued it was Lo who made aggressive attempts to pursue a relationship with Charney and that she had sent him a stack of explicit photographs. The lawyers, in a classic he said she said argument, claim they are in possession of a love letter written by Ms. Lo.

Lo has denied writing such a letter and acknowledges that some sexual photos were taken during their meeting, but claims it was all Charney’s doing. Lo claims she was terrified and unsure if she would make it out of the apartment, but is adamant that she did not initiate any inappropriate contact with Charney.