Service Industry Contractors Stage Organized Protest In DC

A group claiming to express the interests of the service industry organized a demonstration in Washington D.C. at several federal buildings on July 2 to protest against low pay rates and wage theft, according to the Washington Post. Goods Jobs Nation, a non-profit organization that represents workers at government contractors, assisted the protesters.

The demonstration began with a public mock trial in front of the Ronald Reagan Building, and according to reporters, the group planned events later in the day at the General Services Administration (GSA) building. Good Jobs Nation had previously filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, alleging that the GSA paid food vendor contracted employees less than minimum wage and did not compensate them for overtime hours.

“Hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts, grants, loans, concession agreements, and property leases to pay large, profitable corporations that pay their CEO’s millions in salaries and bonuses but pay their workers such low wages that they are unable to afford basic necessities like food, clothing and rent,” read a statement released by Good Jobs Nation.

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