Settlement Reached in West New York Mayor Sexual Harassment Case

According to Hudson Reporter, West New York Mayor Sal Vega was facing a sexual harassment lawsuit, but the case has since been settled privately with the town. City spokesperson MIchael Makarski states that the former chief financial officer had reached a settlement with the West New York Mayor.

West New York’s insurance carrier will pay a currently unknown amount to Darren Maloney, who is the former chief financial officer. However, the settlement’s exact details have not yet been revealed to the public. Prior to the settlement, Mayor Vega was seeking to dismiss the lawsuit from the courts.

Following the filing of the lawsuit, the town petitioned New York state for immediate suspension without pay for Darren Maloney. The town also sought to revoke Maloney’s cheif financial officer certificate, claiming he had made unauthorized payments and that he had also failed to keep proper records.

It was this suspension that starting the sexual harassment case against Mayor Vega. Maloney claimed that he had been suspended because he had rejected sexual advances made by the West New York Mayor.

Sal Vega will be up for re-election in this coming May 2011.