Severin Suspended for Sexual Harassment Comments

According to Boston Herald, a radio talk jock Jay Severin is facing an indefinite suspension for the second time in nearly two years – this time over a few crude and inappropriate comments about sexual harassment in the workplace. Severin was discussing American Apparel CEO’s lawsuits and allegations of sexual harassment by former female employees. Several women have made claims against Dov Charney, accusing him of a variety of inappropriate behavior, including sexual contact.

Severin made light of the situation and said that when he owned his own company, two decades ago, he purposely hired “mostly attractive young women.” He further made shocking allegations that as their boss he had sex with nearly all of them. Severin said that he had “slept with virtually every young college girl” he hired to be an intern or employee for him. He further excused his inappropriate behavior by saying he was the boss and did it because he could.

The radio station’s spokesperson said that Severin was suspended after numerous complaints flooded the station, all in regards to his recent sexual harassment comments.

Severin signed a seven year deal with the station in 2006. Since then, he has faced a suspension in 2009 and then now in 2011. In 2009, the radio jock was suspended for making crude comments about Mexican immigrants. According to reports, Severin makes more than a million in salary annually. Some have reported that his deal is so lucrative that the station cannot afford to keep paying him, at least not in this bad economy when companies keep cutting back on advertising spending.