Sexual Harassment Is Stressful For Men, Study Suggests

According to UPI, a study conducted by Michigan State University found that men also find sexual harassment stressful and feel victimized by it. The study looked at how both genders are affected by sexual harassment in the work area as well as in the military.

The researchers examined surveys of 6,000 military men and women from all branches of the military. They found that more than 50 percent of women and 20 percent of men had reported at least one incident of sexual harassment to their superiors in a 12 month period. The data was categorized into 16 types such as offense, jokes, teasing, offensive stories and physical harassment. Those categories were then sorted to find bothersome and frightening incidents.

Women subjected to sexual harassment did not show distress at what they thought were bothersome incidents, but they were distressed by sexual harassment that they found to be frightening. The men, however, showed signs of distress by both bothersome and frightening harassment.

The lead researchers, Isis Settles, said that people tend to underestimate the impact of sexual harassment on men. Although the study has found that sexual harassment is stressful for women, it also has suggested that women have been subjected to this type of treatment for so long that they may have learned how to deal with bothersome-type of harassment, while men find it a newer experience that they do not know how to process. The study suggested that women have built up a resistance, sort of like a person building up resistance to a virus.