What to Do About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney Step by Step Guide to Ending Workplace Harassment

If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, it can be hard to know what to do after sexual harassment in the workplace. You are stressed, you are confused and confronting the person committing the sexual harassment at work may be far from your mind. However, the first thing to do about sexual harassment in the workplace is to ask the harasser to stop. If that fails you, the second step to make it to complain to your employer.

If the workplace harassment continues after informing your employer, complain to every relevant person – your supervisor, the harasser’s supervisor, your HR department, anyone in a position of authority at your company. Be assertive! If it is your supervisor that is doing the harassing, go to his or her supervisor.

Sexual Harassment Evidence

Collecting documentation of the sexual harassment and your harassment complaints is key component of what to do after sexual harassment in the workplace. If you want to bring a harassment case at some point, the more documentation you have of the sexual harassment, the more likely you will have a successful harassment claim.

Document your complaint procedure: did you file a sexual harassment complaint, was the complaint in writing, who did you submit the complaint to (was it your boss or the human resources department). Begin collecting evidence of sexual harassment through your own notes, emails, letters, photocopies of offensive material and documents or testimony from other witnesses. If there is no hard evidence, attempt to document as many details as you can about the situation: time, date, frequency, whether you reported this behavior, who may have witnessed the sexual harassment and what is being done.

Remember this important detail: If you are disciplined or treated unfairly because of your complaints, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit for workplace retaliation later.

Los Angeles Attorney for Sexual Harassment at Work Cases

Should your complaints fail to produce results, you may be left only with legal recourse. In this situation, you first should file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which will then decide whether or not to give you a right to sue letter.

If it gets this far, you may benefit from consulting with a Los Angeles harassment lawyer. A sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles can let you know whether you have a strong case for harassment and how the law can award you compensation for what you have gone through. You should contact our employment law firm now to set up a confidential consultation to discuss your claim for free.