Sheriff’s Deputy Receives $100,000 for Wrongful Termination

According to the States Man Journal, a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy has won a $100,000 award against Marion County in a wrongful termination lawsuit. Kristine Phillips claimed she was fired in 2007 for alleged misconduct after she handcuffed an inmate to a bunk at the county jail.

An arbitrator ordered Phillips reinstated to her job, but she sued the county for sex discrimination and wrongful termination when county officials held up her return to work. Phillips received damages based on a jury’s finding that former Marion County Sheriff Russ Isham properly delayed her reinstatement.

Phillips’ employment attorney said the plaintiff has always maintained that the county behaved improperly throughout the process. Phillips returned to work at the count in June 2010 and has received $140,000 in back pay and benefits.

The county plans to appeal in order to attempt to have the jury’s decision overturned. The county’s attorneys argue that the federal jury didn’t have standing to award the damages. Sheriff’s deputies can fight against wrongful termination and discrimination. Contact an employment attorney if you have experienced discrimination at work.