St. John Medical Center Sued for Discrimination

Hipolito Geronimo (Jerry) Perez has sued former employers the St. John Medical Center and the Carpenters Local Union #943 alleging that he was wrongfully terminated and that he was not rehired based on his race and national origin discrimination.

Mr. Perez, a Hispanic Union member since 1975 was working on a renovation project at St. John Medical Center. He began work as an employee of a contract labor service in 2001. In February of 2003 Mr. Perez was hires as a St. John employee through the hospital director of renovation, David Hurst. Mr. Perez’s pay and job classification throughout his time at St. John was a temporary “713 Carpenter” even after he was reassigned to the position of liaison coordinating the project with hospital staff.

In 2007 the project at St. John was nearing completion. Mr. Perez at that time was working on a 6th floor project under Cecil Allison who listed Peres and three other carpenters as employees he didn’t wish to keep on when the order came down to reduce the number of 713 employees. When Mr. Perez received his termination letter on August 16, 2007 it indicated that he was laid off due to a lack of work and was eligible for rehire.

Mr. Perez filed two separate charges of discrimination in March of 2008 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. His charges claimed wrongful termination based on national origin discrimination against St. John, and harassment and conspiring to violate his rights based on his national origin against the Union, as well as accusing Union officials of using racial slurs.