What is the Status of the Ongoing Tech Antitrust Case?

Updating a story we have brought you previously, evidence produced against Apple, Google and other tech companies has sparked additional antitrust lawsuits over no-poaching claims. earnings statement

Currently, the tech giants are involved in a class action case, which they attempted to settle for $324.5 million. The lawsuit stemmed from accusations that the companies colluded with each other and made secret pacts not to hire each other’s employees to keep wages low.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a judge, out of fear that the number may be too low, rejected the settlement; experts said that damages could now hit the $9 billion mark because of the settlement’s failure and new evidence that has emerged, which has led to additional cases.

The Tribune reported that a new document revealed that Google had “Restricted Hiring” and “Do Not Cold Call” lists of all the companies it agreed not to recruit from in 2007.

Additionally, the president of Pixar acknowledged the use of no-poaching agreements when he was questioned by lawyers who sued his company, along with Apple, Google and four other companies, according to the Tribune.

The newspaper described the litigation as “mushrooming”. The Tribune reported that U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose has been assigned the newer cases, after allowing the original one to advance as a class action last year.

The 64,000 workers covered by the original case include software and hardware engineers, programmers and other technical staff, according to the Tribune. The newer cases were filed on behalf of employees ranging from managers to digital artists at animation studios.

I Think My Employer is Involved in Wage Collusion

Remember, if you feel like your employer is actively working to keep your wages low, you need to contact our labor lawyers. There are antitrust laws that prevent companies from entering into these types of agreements, as they are immoral. You should be paid what your market value demands, not what artificial agreements and price-fixing decide.

As this case shows, employee disputes, including wage claims, can be resolved through litigation. We can investigate your case and determine if you are entitled to damages if you believe your employer has wrongfully kept your wages low.

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Did You Know? A lawsuit has also been filed against DreamWorks Animation SKG and Walt Disney Co. over wage collusion claims.