Study Finds Workplace Discrimination Still a Top Issue

Diversity Focus, a non-profit group based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently conducted a survey amongst residents and professionals in Eastern Iowa. The group surveyed approximately 1,200 women, disabled persons, members of the LGBT community and other minorities.

The survey asked participants to identify times they experienced discrimination in their day-to-day lives and how it affects them. The top issue for discrimination amongst participants was in the workplace—26 percent of responders experience workplace discrimination. The same survey in 2008 revealed that 21 percent of participants in the same region felt discriminated against at work.

“The community definitely needs to do some work,” Diversity Focus communications director Becky Lutgen said, according to The Gazette.

African-Americans polled were the highest represented minority when it comes to reporting discrimination. Seventy-two percent of African-American participants reported discrimination at their place of employment.

“I think that unfortunately there are some things going backwards instead of forwards,” said NAACP-Cedar Rapids President Dedric Doolin. “People are afraid to speak up for fear they’d lose their job. If you’ve got kids and a family to feed, you might try to take a little bit more than you might have taken if that wasn’t the case.”

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Tip of the week: According to the EEOC there were nearly 100,000 discrimination or job bias charge claims filed in 2012.

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