Study Shows 84 Percent of New York Fast Food Employees Victims of Wage Theft

Approximately 84 percent of all fast food employees in New York City claim to be the victim of wage theft in a recent survey, according to Josh Eidelson of The Nation. The survey is based on a report from Anzalone Liszt Grove, which gathered research from 500 workers from various fast food chains in New York.

Workers and labor officials held a press conference to announce demands for reform across the entire industry. Recent protests held in New York and Chicago drew attention to the low wages and unpredictable work schedules that fast food employees across the country have to deal with every day.

The National Employment Law Project conducted a similar survey in Chicago in 2008—in that study, they polled 4,000 fast food employees. 68 percent reported wage theft by their employer. The workers earned an average of $339/week and lost an average of $51/week—quite a significant dip in pay for a struggling low wageworker.

“In low-wage industries, it’s standard practice [for employers] to be practicing wage theft,” says Adam Kader, Workers Center Director for Arise Chicago. “Now, there’s another force that they have to reckon with, which is the threat of losing their license.”

Victims of wage theft are often at a disadvantage when it comes to paying for legal costs compared to giant fast-food chain restaurants. If you believe you’ve been the victim of wage theft, our Los Angeles employment attorneys can help. Please contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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