Study Shows Discrimination Victims at Disadvantage at Trial

A new study conducted by professors reveals that plaintiffs who file discrimination lawsuits against employers may be fighting an uphill battle due to limited resources, according to Sociology Professor Ellen Berrey, PhD, at the University of Buffalo, co-author of the study, claims that defendants in these cases have more resources and advantage.

“There was one point that nearly everyone agreed on:  that litigation is unfair,” says Berrey. “Beyond that, their experiences couldn’t have been more different. For plaintiffs, litigation is expensive and can bring real personal hardships. Many end up divorced, depressed, even bankrupt. Employers do not like litigation either, but they usually have the resources and expertise to keep these cases under control.”

It makes sense that it is easier for large corporations to take these cases to trial. This creates an unfair bias, but victims of discrimination should not be discouraged. You have rights in the workplace and if they are violated, responsible parties need to be held accountable. What kind of nation would this be if people did not stand up for their rights?

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