Sutter County Settles Sexual Harassment Case

According to the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, Sutter County has agreed to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee for $155,000.

The news outlet reported that the county released a copy of the confidential settlement earlier this month after the paper requested information through the California Public Records Act.

Elizabeth Pollard filed the case last November in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento. She alleged that she was “fired in April 2013 after she tipped a state agency about alleged misappropriation of grant funds for the Victim Witness Program.”

Pollard also claimed that another county employee made sexually inappropriate comments about her appearance and that then-District Attorney Carl Adams “condoned a sexually-charged work environment.”

According to the lawsuit, Pollard said that Adams would “stare/leer at (her) breasts as though he was undressing her with his eyes” and that he “would also send the office sexist email jokes.” She also claimed another female employee for the county made sexist comments to her about her breasts.

Through the settlement, Pollard cannot talk to the press or media about her claims. She is also barred from discussing or responding to requests for information about her case through social media. Additionally, she has agreed not to seek employment again with the county.

My Employer Condones a Sexually-Charged Work Environment. Can I Sue?

Hostile work environments that condone forms of sexual harassment should not be tolerated. Hostile work environments can include workers being exposed to unwanted sexual advances, physical contact, sexual remarks, sexual photographs or other types of intimidating, hostile or offensive work environments.

These forms of harassment are illegal and there are state laws that exist to ensure that the parties responsible for the conduct are held responsible. If you are being sexually harassed at work, you should fight back. Seek representation immediately by contacting our employment attorneys today.

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