The AARP is a national organization tasked with helping the retired and elderly workers. They are involved in many aspects of consumer and employment protection.

Are Workers in Their 40’s Being Targeted with Age Discrimination?

Cover Photo of Los Angeles Age Discrimination Attorney Michael Jacob

Does your workplace have a “wellness plan” that requires you to take a health assessment? Some are raising concerns employer wellness programs may encourage businesses to conduct age discrimination against older workers. Workers receive incentives to participate in these programs, such as financial awards, time off or free meals. Many of these programs operate under … Continue reading

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Why Is Google Under Investigation by the EEOC?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is investigating Google over allegations of age discrimination. According to an age discrimination lawsuit filed against Google, the company interviewed a qualified 47-year-old woman, but refused to offer her a job. Google is facing an additional age discrimination lawsuit filed by an interviewee it allegedly discriminated against in 2011. … Continue reading

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