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Age discrimination is unacceptable and illegal in the workplace. Speak to our attorneys if you have experienced this issue on the job.

Three Signs You Are the Victim of Age Discrimination

IBM is one of the largest tech companies in the country. However, former employees are accusing the company of using ageism as a strategy to keep the tech giant on top. A new wave of millennial hires is being utilized to give the company a fresh face. But older employees are being laid off as … Continue reading

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Are You a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant, and What Does That Mean?

Cover Photo of Immigration Workplace Lawyer Michael Jacob

Are employers using code words, such as “Digital Native,” in job postings to discourage older job applicants from applying to work at their company? Am I a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant? The Los Angeles Times featured a report in late June detailing how employers are using code words in job advertisements to prevent older … Continue reading

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