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Workplace bullying can have catastrophic consequences for employees. Employees can face physical health conditions and mental illnesses from bullying.

What Is a Hostile Workplace Environment?

Hostile workplace environments make jobs unbearable for employees. Workers experiencing a hostile workplace environment may face harassment based on the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, disability or age. Coworkers or supervisors can be responsible for the harassment, making the affected workers feel alienated, unappreciated and unwelcome. If the harassment and discrimination … Continue reading

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Being Bullied at Work? You May Have Legal Options

Have you ever worked with someone who yelled inappropriately, used threats, name called or harassed you and other coworkers? Chances are, you have experienced workplace bullying. These people can ruin work environments, create higher turnover rates and cause unease among workers. Bullies may tell offensive jokes at another worker’s expense or use positions of authority … Continue reading

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Can Workplace Bullying Halt Your Career Growth?

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Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Discuss Workplace Bullying Has someone at work made you the target of cruel jokes, name calling or harassment? You might be experiencing workplace bullying, and it could have consequences for your future career growth. Workplace bullying can lead to poorer job performance, which might in turn limit future career options. Bullied … Continue reading

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