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Disabilities can be physical or mental. Workers deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of suffering from a physical or mental disability.

Can You Be Fired for Having a Medical Emergency at Work?

Dollar General has lost a lawsuit filed by a former cashier who was fired after taking a $1.69 bottle of orange juice to stave off a hypoglycemic attack. The story behind this lifesaving bottle of orange juice and Dollar General’s workplace policies have raised important questions about what rights workers with disabilities have during medical … Continue reading

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Are Businesses Stealing Wages from Workers with Disabilities?

Several years ago, Goodwill Industries came under scrutiny after an investigation revealed it was paying disabled workers as little as 22 cents an hour. Despite the multibillion dollar nonprofit paying its executives six-figure salaries, it paid disabled workers pennies for their labor. It may surprise you that Goodwill’s actions are legal. The reason some nonprofits … Continue reading

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Do Studios Discriminate Against Disabled Actors?

Cover Photo of Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles Brian Kesluk

A recent study conducted by the Ruderman Family Foundation suggests disabled actors face hiring discrimination in the television industry. Data from the study shows only 2 percent of actors who appear on television have disabilities. You might be wondering how actors with disabilities could play the parts of able-bodied characters on television shows and in … Continue reading

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What Was American Society Like Before the Americans with Disabilities Act?

In 1990, former President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. Over the last 26 years, the ADA has transformed American society. Businesses now have wheelchair ramps. Public schools now have special education courses and classroom devices that can help with hearing impairments. However, workplace discrimination against the disabled is … Continue reading

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Can We Close the Disability Employment Gap?

A billion people around the world are living with disabilities, including millions here in the United States. Roughly 15 percent of the worldwide population suffers from some type of disability. Unfortunately, some of these people may face workplace discrimination and lower levels of employment, despite being able to perform many jobs. In the United States, … Continue reading

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