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How Do You Identify Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

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Racial discrimination in employment is unlawful, but it is also sadly common. In this video, California employment attorney Douglas Silverstein discusses how to identify race discrimination in employment. For more information, call (310) 273-3180. Video Transcription: Racial discrimination is another form of discrimination. It’s, simply put, discrimination based on someone’s race and what we’ve seen … Continue reading

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What Is Hiring Discrimination?

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Hiring discrimination is illegal in the United States. In this video, California employment attorney Douglas Silverstein explains how applicants are protected from hiring discrimination by law. Video Transcription: Almost all employment laws apply not only to current employees, but also to applicants, and so one of the most common ones is someone who’s not hired … Continue reading

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What Is a Hostile Work Environment Under California Anti-Discrimination Laws?

Harassment in the workplace might seem like a harmless act, but this type of discrimination can be devastating. Not only can harassment lead to anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and other harmful reactions, but it can also create an overall harmful environment that can make working difficult. A recent California state trial proves that the state … Continue reading

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Is Workplace Retaliation Common in California?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), workplace retaliation is one of the most common charges filed with the agency. In 2016, of the nearly 100,000 claims the EEOC received, over 45 percent were related to workplace retaliation. California took a spot among the top three states with the highest number of claims related … Continue reading

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