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A former Google employee released a manifesto railing against the “leftwing” bias at the multi-billion-dollar tech company.

Are Women Who Work at Google Suffering Discrimination?

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Tech businesses in Silicon Valley have been under fire in recent years due to claims that their female employees face hostile work environments, including harassment and discrimination. We recently explored this topic when we blogged about an anti-diversity memo that a former Google employee published. Now, allegations have surfaced regarding Google’s mistreatment of female employees. … Continue reading

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Why Are Some Google Employees Against Diversity in the Workplace?

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The Huffington Post recently featured a report on a Google employee who sent out a memo railing against diversity in the workplace. Why Did the Google Employee Write an Anti-Diversity Memo? Per the unnamed Google engineer’s 3,000-word memo, because of what he perceives to be Google’s leftwing political bias, a politically correct culture has developed … Continue reading

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