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Los Angeles employment law continues to change. In addition to California law, Los Angeles might develop new paternity leave laws.

Which Laws Protect California Employees in the Workplace?

Photo of Harassment and Discrimination Attorney Brian Kesluk

Federal laws protect employees countrywide in almost all private enterprises. On the state level, California has more employee protection laws than almost any other state. These laws allow employees to have rights when treated unfairly in the workplace. They also allow for employees to work together to address problems with the workplace, like increasing pay … Continue reading

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What If Your Workplace Holds Women to A “Double Standard?”

A female employee of the mobile advertising company, Kargo, recently won $40 million in a lawsuit against the company for several claims. According to the lawsuit, she was the victim of gender discrimination, wage discrimination, breach of employment contract, and wrongful termination. The company allegedly disciplined female employees differently, writing off male sexual jeering and … Continue reading

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San Francisco Construction Company Sued for Racist Work Environment

A San Francisco construction company, Southland Construction Management, has recently been the subject of racial discrimination allegations from a former African-American employee. The employer allegedly decorated the office with confederate flags, and made many inappropriate gestures to create a racist work environment. The multiple racial discrimination claims culminated in an event at a white elephant … Continue reading

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