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Los Angeles employment law continues to change. In addition to California law, Los Angeles might develop new paternity leave laws.

How Do You Know If Your Employer Is Committing Wage Theft?

A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute estimated that low-wage workers in California lose $2 billion per year due to wage theft. Amidst many allegations against ridesharing giant Uber, they are now repaying drivers for shorting commissions for a number of years. The amount of the lost commissions totals in the tens of millions. … Continue reading

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Can I Lose My Job for Reporting Sexual Harassment?

The New York Times recently published an article that discusses why women at Fox News may have been afraid to report their bosses for sexual harassment. Fox News, and specifically long-time anchor Bill O’Reilly, are in the middle of a major sexual harassment scandal. Bill O’Reilly has faced accusations of sexual harassment from female coworkers … Continue reading

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Does My Condition Qualify as A Disability?

Cover Photo of Local Disability Discrimination Lawyer Doug Silverstein

Millions of Americans in the workforce suffer from health conditions that may qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, these workers are also discriminated against on a regular basis. Workers with disabilities may be mistreated by coworkers or their superiors. Some may be fired, demoted or kept from working on … Continue reading

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