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Los Angeles employment law continues to change. In addition to California law, Los Angeles might develop new paternity leave laws.

What Steps Should You Take If You Have Experienced Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment almost always creates hostile workplaces for female and male workers. Many workers might be unaware of how to handle situations involving inappropriate comments, unwelcome advances or requests for sexual favors. Workers who have experienced sexual harassment are left frustrated and in fear of their jobs. In some situations, workers who are the targets … Continue reading

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The Sad Truth: Age Discrimination Targets the Most Experienced Workers

Age discrimination is the unjust practice of refusing to hire or retain older workers. In some cases, employers may fire older workers to hire younger employees at lower costs (this is only one example). According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 64 percent of workers have witnessed or experienced age discrimination. What does … Continue reading

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Good News Californians!: Our State Has Just Upgraded Paid Family Leave!

In our blog last week on San Francisco’s fully paid parental leave law, we briefly mentioned a very recent California bill that will change existing paid leaves policies. Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that will boost benefits received during paid leave from 55 percent of pay to 60 to 70 percent of pay. … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Municipal Workers Might Receive Paid Parental Leave

Lauren Morrison

California’s tech industry has received the media’s attention for instituting the most generous paid parental leave policies in the country. Business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have taken paid parental leave and set industry standards in the process. What about state and municipal workers? Presently, California workers only receive 55 percent of their pay … Continue reading

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