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Maternity leave is a popular topic in American politics, and with good reason. Mothers deserve to have time to raise their babies.

Did A Federal Judge Seriously Fire a Clerk for Taking Maternity Leave?

Our blog frequently discusses how businesses discriminate against women for becoming pregnant or taking maternity leave. This new case of maternity leave discrimination being shared across the internet is shocking because the employer should have known better. A Long Island judge is being accused of firing his chief clerk for taking unpaid maternity leave. Not … Continue reading

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Are Employers Using Public Health Records to Discriminate Against Pregnant Employees?

Los Angeles harassment attorney Lauren Morrison

Los Angeles Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers Discuss This Common Workplace Issue An increasingly large number of employers are using “employee wellness firms” to mine public health data and determine which workers are most likely to become pregnant. Most employers cannot mine the public health data of employees, as it is against the law. However, they can … Continue reading

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