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The #MeToo movement is exposing sexual harassment and assault in the workplace and society at large. Here’s what you need to know about this movement.

Changes in California Workplace Sexual Harassment Law

Our blog two weeks ago discussed how you can spot workplace sexual harassment. However, you should also be aware that California enacted several new laws that can protect workers who are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. The following bills were recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown: SB 1343: Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Gets a … Continue reading

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Five Possible Warning Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo movement has become a national movement that has brought attention to sexual assault and sexual harassment. Instances of harassment or assault can occur just about anywhere—especially the workplace. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that it has received a 12 percent increase in sexual harassment claims since last year. If … Continue reading

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The #MeToo Movement and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Have you ever been sexually harassed? After the bombshell news story about Harvey Weinstein, the hashtag #MeToo has shown that the problem is widespread. The hashtag gained traction after actress Alyssa Milano tweeted to her followers, asking them to write “me too” on Twitter and share their story. Within a day, more than 53,000 people … Continue reading

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