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Parental leave is necessary for parents, who must raise a new addition to their families. Follow up blog for updates on parental leave laws.

What Are the Laws Regarding Parental Leave?

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When are employees entitled to parental leave, and for how long? Does it depend on the size of the employer? California employment lawyer Lauren Morrison explains in this video. For more information, call 310-273-3180. Video Transcription: Just because you don’t work for an employer who has 50 or more employees doesn’t mean that there aren’t … Continue reading

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Can Longer Maternity Leave Save Your Baby’s Life?

Paid maternity leave has become a hot topic in California, where multiple Silicon Valley companies are offering generous policies. How long should you take maternity leave? It depends on your situation, but longer periods of paid maternity leave may improve the health of newborns. Researchers at McGill University and the University of California Los Angeles … Continue reading

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