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Pregnancy discrimination is widely documented, but what about discrimination against mothers returning to the workforce?

What Are My Rights as a Pregnant Employee in California?

Whether you’re employed and thinking about how to tell your boss you are pregnant, or you are seeking new employment and worried how prospective employers will react, remember this: pregnancy-based discrimination is illegal. Under California law, employers are prohibited from discriminating against pregnant women with respect to training, compensation or any other aspect of employment. … Continue reading

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Recognize These 5 Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Pregnant women are protected by state and federal laws. It can be hard to spot pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, but there are warning signs to watch for during employment that are red-flags for pregnancy discrimination. The main thing to lookout for is a definite change in the work atmosphere following pregnancy. What Changes in … Continue reading

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Workplace Disabilities Part 4: What Are Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination?

Women are targeted with pregnancy discrimination for several reasons. For example, an employer may demote or fire a pregnant employee on the assumption she will ask for maternity leave. Employers also discriminate against pregnant women for needing medical leave or reasonable accommodations to perform job duties. Pregnancy may cause temporary disability for some women. This … Continue reading

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5 Major Warning Signs You Are a Victim of Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination

Women across the country face workplace discrimination after becoming pregnant. At a time when women are starting or adding to their families, they face the possibility of having their careers put on hold or destroyed. Employers guilty of workplace pregnancy discrimination rely on several tactics to justify firing, demoting, and mistreating pregnant workers. It is … Continue reading

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Are Businesses Required to Provide Accommodations for Pregnant Workers?

Pregnancy laws in California and nationwide require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers who are considered temporarily disabled. Reasonable accommodations are modifications to workplaces or duties that allow disabled employees to carry out job tasks. A hypothetical situation can help explain what a reasonable accommodation involving pregnancy might look like. What Is a … Continue reading

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