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Pregnancy discrimination is widely documented, but what about discrimination against mothers returning to the workforce?

Burritos with a Side of Hot Sauce and Pregnancy Discrimination

Over the last several years, Chipotle has been sued by pregnant workers who claim they were treated unfairly after becoming pregnant. In the most recent lawsuit, a jury awarded a woman $550,000 in damages after concluding the restaurant chain had committed pregnancy discrimination. According to the lawsuit, the woman’s manager treated her differently from other … Continue reading

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Have You Become a Victim of Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination is an unfair situation that some women may experience while in the workforce. Fortunately, pregnant workers have legal protections they can use against their employers when facing discrimination. For example, a federal jury in California awarded a woman $186 million after she was fired from AutoZone due to her pregnancy. Another case recently … Continue reading

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Do Mothers Face Job Discrimination After Returning to the Workforce?

Women may face workplace discrimination during and after pregnancy. This is especially true for women who are transitioning back into the workforce after a long period of absence. A recent article in The Huffington Post discussed the story of a woman who experienced difficulty returning to work after taking time off to raise her children. … Continue reading

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