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If you have experienced religious discrimination at work, contact our labor attorneys.

What Can I Do If My Employer Fires Me Because of My Religion?

Cover Photo of Religious Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles Doug Silverstein

Can I be fired because of my religion? There are laws that are meant to prevent people from losing their jobs because of their religious beliefs. However, in some cases, employers have failed to follow these laws, resulting in employees being harassed, discriminated against and losing their jobs because of their religion. Could I Lose … Continue reading

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The Disturbing Trend of Workplace Discrimination Against Muslims

Workplace discrimination against Muslims has unfairly targeted thousands of workers over the last several decades. A 2010 New York Times article described how Muslim workers are called “terrorist” or “Osama” by coworkers. Research shows they also receive fewer callbacks and experience discrimination while jobhunting. Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States sided with … Continue reading

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