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Fox News is facing more allegations of sexual harassment. This time, Fox News host Eric Bolling is accused of the harassment.

Can an NDA Prevent Me from Suing for Sexual Harassment at Work?

Does signing a non-disclosure agreement prevent you from filing a sexual harassment claim against your employer? Questions regarding employee rights relating to sexual harassment have been a big news item ever since a cascade of sexual assault allegations began with those against film executive Harvey Weinstein. That scandal continues to simmer, with other Hollywood giants … Continue reading

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Fox News Eric Bolling is Out Following Sexual Harassment Claims

Eric Bolling, host of “Fox News Specialists,” has been fired after allegations of sexual harassment. He was suspended on August 5, but his departure from the network was announced on September 8. 21st Century Fox has been the subject of a series of sexual harassment accusations in recent years. On July 6, 2016, former chief … Continue reading

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Can I File a Workplace Sexual Harassment Claim Anonymously?

Cover Photo of Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Claims Attoreny Brian Kesluk

Last month, an anonymous email containing sexual harassment claims against Hadrian Belove, the executive director of Cinefamily, was circulated throughout the Hollywood community. The email led to Belove’s resignation. The allegations in the email included claims made in a 2014 sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Belove and Cinefamily. What Were the Claims Made in the … Continue reading

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