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A SoCal company is facing allegations of wage theft after several employees went without paychecks from an extended period.

Does My Condition Qualify as A Disability?

Cover Photo of Local Disability Discrimination Lawyer Doug Silverstein

Millions of Americans in the workforce suffer from health conditions that may qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, these workers are also discriminated against on a regular basis. Workers with disabilities may be mistreated by coworkers or their superiors. Some may be fired, demoted or kept from working on … Continue reading

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Does Workplace Harassment Training Work?

A recent report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has discovered some surprising news. Despite three decades of companies instituting workplace harassment training, complaints involving harassment still flood into the EEOC by the thousands. In fact, out of the 90,000 claims filed with the EEOC in 2015, 28,000 involved harassment. About three-fourths of those … Continue reading

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SoCal Chipotle Accused of Outrageous Sexual Harassment of Female Employees

Only two weeks ago, we wrote a blog discussing the epidemic of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, and now another nauseating example is making headlines. In this case, the lawsuit details the sexual harassment of female employees. A lawsuit filed against one of Chipotle’s Southern California locations alleges women were encouraged to wear ‘tight … Continue reading

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