STEM refers to the field of science, technology, engineering and math. Women experience sexual harassment in STEM-related jobs.

How a Former Employee’s Blog Post Caused a Public Relations Nightmare for Uber

Cover Photo of Labor Law Attorney in California Michael Jacob

Former Uber employee Susan Fowler recently published a scathing blog against the company alleging she was the target of extensive sexual harassment. Susan’s blog post details her time at Uber and what she and other female workers experienced. If the following story is true, it would be a textbook example of workplace discrimination against women. … Continue reading

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Do STEM Jobs Have a Gender Discrimination Problem?

Qualcomm, a major manufacturer of semiconductors and telecommunications equipment, is paying $19.5 million to settle gender discrimination claims against female employees. According to the class action lawsuit, Qualcomm discriminated against female workers employed in STEM-related jobs (science, technology, engineering and math). How did Qualcomm get itself into trouble? The lawsuit suggests women were given fewer … Continue reading

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Is Sexual Harassment Causing Women to Flee STEM Jobs?

Cover Photo of Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles Brian Kesluk

A recent article published by The Atlantic suggests many women are pushed out of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs due to sexual harassment. Most of the sexual harassment occurs while women are pursuing graduate and post-doctorate studies. Sexual harassment in academia can have lasting effects on the careers of women. According to the … Continue reading

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