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If you believe that you are being paid less than a coworker because of your gender, talk to our Los Angeles labor attorneys.

The Scary Financial Effects of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

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Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Discuss Workplace Discrimination Gender discrimination in the workplace can have permanent financial consequences for affected workers, especially when it comes to the infamous wage gap. These consequences include delayed retirement, greater difficulty paying off student loans, and diminished consumer purchasing power. Let’s discuss how the wage gap can delay student loans, … Continue reading

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Wage Inequality Among the Stars: How Unequal Pay Affects the Entertainment Industry

Several recent movies and television shows have come under scrutiny for paying male actors more than female actresses. The best recent example of wage inequality in the entertainment industry occurred with the reboot of the famous 90s television series The X-Files, a show about government cover-ups, aliens and other conspiracies. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian … Continue reading

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