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If your employer is forcing you to complete tasks without pay, you may be the victim of wage theft. Speak to an attorney about your situation.

How Do You Know If Your Employer Is Committing Wage Theft?

A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute estimated that low-wage workers in California lose $2 billion per year due to wage theft. Amidst many allegations against ridesharing giant Uber, they are now repaying drivers for shorting commissions for a number of years. The amount of the lost commissions totals in the tens of millions. … Continue reading

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Are Employers Required to Provide Items Essential for Jobs?

Disney recently got itself into trouble by refusing to provide Disney World employees with costumes. Employees claimed fees from buying and maintaining the costumes pushed their pay below the federal minimum wage. The Department of Labor investigated and confirmed these allegations. Disney agreed to pay 16,339 workers $3.8 million in back wages. Employers cannot push … Continue reading

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Is Your Employer Using Dirty Tricks to Steal Your Wages?

Wage theft is not always obvious. Although employers may deduct wages directly from pay, there are more “under-the-radar” methods they may use to steal your hard-earned money. For example, employers may misclassify you as a managerial employee or independent contractor. Depending on how you are misclassified, your employer can skimp out on overtime pay or … Continue reading

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