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Workers rights are vital to fight back against employers guilty of wage theft, harassment, discrimination, bullying and other unlawful tactics.

Which Laws Protect California Employees in the Workplace?

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Federal laws protect employees countrywide in almost all private enterprises. On the state level, California has more employee protection laws than almost any other state. These laws allow employees to have rights when treated unfairly in the workplace. They also allow for employees to work together to address problems with the workplace, like increasing pay … Continue reading

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How Do I Know if I Am Entitled to Overtime?

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Whether an employee is entitled to overtime pay under federal and California law may depend on a number of factors. The overarching question is whether the employee is classified as exempt or non-exempt. However, some employers misclassify employees to avoid paying overtime wages. In this video, Los Angeles employment attorney Doug Silverstein explains what constitutes … Continue reading

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Workplace Disabilities Part 4: What Are Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination?

Women are targeted with pregnancy discrimination for several reasons. For example, an employer may demote or fire a pregnant employee on the assumption she will ask for maternity leave. Employers also discriminate against pregnant women for needing medical leave or reasonable accommodations to perform job duties. Pregnancy may cause temporary disability for some women. This … Continue reading

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