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Workers rights are vital to fight back against employers guilty of wage theft, harassment, discrimination, bullying and other unlawful tactics.

What Two California Unemployment Claims Could Mean for Uber Drivers

Photo of an Employee Handbook and Forms

Uber drivers have been locked in a brutal fight to win their employment rights. However, Uber claims its drivers are independent contractors and not employees. By being labeled independent contractors, Uber drivers are unable to receive benefits like overtime pay or reimbursement for job-related expenses. Recent California unemployment claims have resulted in victories for Uber … Continue reading

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How An Employment Lawyer Can Help Workers With Job Disputes

There are a number of ways an employment lawyer can assist an employee who has experienced workplace discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination. The first step may be to discuss the situation with the company’s in-house human resources department. Another step might be to make a formal complaint with the EEOC. Other times, a demand letter … Continue reading

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