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Workplace discrimination happens all too often and should be reported when it happens.

Is Racial Workplace Discrimination Getting Worse?

If you have read or watched the news at all in the past few years, it seems that overall racism and racial discrimination has been getting worse in our country. Recently, it appears that men and women of all different kinds of racial minorities have been more intensely targeted through racial bigotry, and this hatred … Continue reading

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Do Non-Disparagement Agreements Encourage Sexual Harassment?

Are non-disparagement agreements helping protect abusers from facing punishment for sexually harassing their co-workers? It’s a question that was raised in a CNBC report last month involving a sexual harassment lawsuit against AngelList, a business that assists tech companies with hiring employees and raising capital. The incident that led to the sexual harassment suit took … Continue reading

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What Can My Employer Do to Protect Me from Sexual Harassment?

Cover Photo of Experienced Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian S. Kesluk

Recently, The Mercury News reported on a sexual harassment lawsuit involving Shell Oil and a former employee. The ex-Shell employee claims the oil giant did not do enough to prevent her from suffering workplace harassment and discrimination. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, … Continue reading

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