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Workplace discrimination happens all too often and should be reported when it happens.

What Should I Do If I’m the Victim of Gender Discrimination?

Cover Photo of Prominent Gender Discrimination Lawyer Doug Silverstein

Recently, Science magazine reported on a story involving two scientists who are suing the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for gender discrimination. The Salk Institute is located in San Diego, California. Jonas Salk founded the Salk Institute 57 years ago. He is known for his pioneering work involving the polio vaccine. The two scientists are … Continue reading

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Tesla Factory Reported as a ‘Predator Zone’ by Female Workers

The Tesla manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA makes some of the most cutting-edge automobiles in the world. Unfortunately, it has also been cited for alleged sexual harassment. Described as being a “predator zone” by a former female engineer, the factory was cited for having a victimizing mentality carried by its male managers and higher-ups. Other … Continue reading

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Recognize These 5 Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Pregnant women are protected by state and federal laws. It can be hard to spot pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, but there are warning signs to watch for during employment that are red-flags for pregnancy discrimination. The main thing to lookout for is a definite change in the work atmosphere following pregnancy. What Changes in … Continue reading

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California Bans State Employees from Traveling to 4 States Who Limited LGBT Rights

The California State Attorney General has recently barred employees from state-funded travel to the four states in the US who have passed recent legislation that limits rights to LGBT members. Texas, Alabama, and South Dakota all allow adoption agencies to refuse service to LGBT families. Kentucky is the other state included in the ban, because … Continue reading

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