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Workplace discrimination happens all too often and should be reported when it happens.

San Francisco Construction Company Sued for Racist Work Environment

A San Francisco construction company, Southland Construction Management, has recently been the subject of racial discrimination allegations from a former African-American employee. The employer allegedly decorated the office with confederate flags, and made many inappropriate gestures to create a racist work environment. The multiple racial discrimination claims culminated in an event at a white elephant … Continue reading

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Is Application Testing Discrimination Illegal?

Many applications for jobs now include some sort of standardized test that uses several questions and parameters to narrow down the pool of job seekers. Certain inflammatory questions found on hiring tests can be starting points for testing discrimination cases. A California food company, Leprino foods Co., was found to have discriminated against 253 Black, … Continue reading

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How to File a Workplace Discrimination Case In California

Recently, famous national parks around the country have come under scrutiny amongst reports of sexism and work harassment committed against female park employees. The park service has a reputation for being a male dominated culture, and there are many more men than women in the workforce. Allegations of bullying against the former superintendent of Yosemite … Continue reading

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