Teacher Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit After Up-Skirt Photo Taken By Students

According to the San Jose Mercury News, a teacher has filed a lawsuit against Serra High, a prestigious all-boys Catholic school, claiming that she faced sexual harassment as students tried to compete to get up-skirt videos of female instructors.

Kimberly Bohnert, 38, claims in her lawsuit that administrators failed to protect her during two years of humiliation that also involved sexually explicit tweets, graffiti and an online image reproduced by a number of students at the school.

It should be noted that the school is well known for producing superstar athletes including Barry Bonds, Tom Brady and Lynn Swann.

“It’s a very athletic school and sometimes sports are put forward more than moral development,” said Bohnert to the Mercury News.

The newspaper reported that six students have been expelled and six others suspended over allegedly distributing up-skirt images of female employees. Additionally, the San Mateo County Juvenile Probation Department has been working with several of the students most responsible for producing the items as juvenile criminal charges were filed.

“Last year’s incident was tragic, and the disrespect shown by certain former students did not reflect what we teach and model here at Serra High School,” school President Lars Lund said in a statement, according to the Mercury News. “We felt a deep level of compassion for the teacher. We immediately contacted the San Mateo Police Department and fully cooperated with them during our mutual investigations.”

In addition to a video that circulated among students, which was filmed under her dress while she was teaching, school staff found sexually explicit and violent graffiti on the boy’s bathroom wall targeting Bohnert.

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